Welcome to the APIC 2017 Program Planner

Click here to access the Program Planner

The Program Planner provides advance access to the entire APIC 2017 program. It allows you to search and view all of the education sessions by topic, type, track, speaker and more. If you are registered you can also login and create your very own personal itinerary that reflects your professional interests, before you arrive.

How do I use the Program Planner?

You have three options:
1. Browse by
2. Keyword Search
3. Login and create your personal itinerary

Click here to access the Program Planner.

Browse by

This option allows you to search all sessions without logging into the Program Planner. You may conduct a detailed search by scrolling over the Education Sessions tab and selecting one of the following browse by search fields. You can also select Schedule at a Glance to see the entire program layout by date and time.

Search field options:

  • Schedule at a Glance
  • Browse by Date
  • Browse by Session Type
  • Browse by Track
  • Browse by Title
  • Browse by Session Number
  • Browse by Speakers
  • Browse by Career Stage
  • Keyword Search

Keyword Search

For example, a typical search might begin by entering the keyword “prevention” in the keyword search box, and press enter on your keyboard. A listing of every session with “prevention” in the title will appear in the search results displayed below the search panel. The word “prevention” will be highlighted if it is located in the session title listed.

Narrow down the results of your keyword search by first using a combination of the other search choices in the menu. For example, you can choose to browse by track and then type “prevention” in to the search bar. Your search will return all sessions with “prevention” in the title sorted by track.

Once the list of sessions appears, you can select the title of each session to read the full session details in a pop up box.

Login to the Program Planner

First time users: Select the “Sign Up” link on the Login page to create an account. This will allow you to select sessions as favorites and create a schedule for the conference.

Already have an account: Log in by using the access key that was emailed to you when creating your profile. If you do not remember your access key, you can select the “Forgot Access Key” link on the Login page.

Adding Favorites and creating a schedule

Once you are logged in, you can select the star to right of the session title. Selecting the star allows you to add the session to your itinerary. Once added, you have the ability to view your selected session in the “My Schedule” portion of your profile, manage your favorites and even add notes about the session.

Adding Notes

To add notes, you will need to be logged in to your profile. Once you have favorited a session, you can select the favorited session from the search option or select within the “My Schedule” section of your profile. Simply click on the grey square next to the star and add a note. Once you have added your details the square will turn blue.

View Session Details

Select the title of a session in your search results to open a pop-up box that provides the complete information for that session. You can read the description, author/presenter, and view the learner objectives. If you decide you would like to add a particular session to your personal itinerary, you may do so by selecting the star next to the title. This turns the session to a “Favorite” and will be designated as a session to add to your personal itinerary.

Editing your profile

You may edit or update your profile at any time. You will simply need to log in, select “My Conference Profile” and update the fields. You may also upload a photo for your profile.

For questions or issues relating to the Program Planner or APIC conference program sessions, contact us at (202) 454-2646 or annual@apic.org.